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The Acoustic Ecology Journal PDF Download

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Journal PDF

The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, founded in 1993, is an international association of affiliated organizations and individuals who share a common concern for the state of the world’s soundscapes. Our members represent a multi-disciplinary spectrum of individuals engaged in the study of the social, cultural, and ecological aspects of the sonic environment across the […]

Notes On Blindness

Notes on Blindness BBC Documentary 2017 Download

Download Storyville, Notes on Blindness BBC Documentary 2017. This BAFTA-nominated film is a moving and inspiring account of loss, rebirth and renewal – and the discovery of ‘a world beyond sight’. In 1983, after decades of steady deterioration, John Hull, a professor at the University of Birmingham, became totally blind. To help him make sense […]

Soundscape Tanamera Coffee

Soundscape Tanamera Coffee

Musik, kopi, dan teman ngobrol sudah jadi satu paket tak terpisahkan. Bagaimana deskripsi bunyi di kafe Thamrin City, inilah soundscape Tanamera Coffee. Apa itu Soundscape? Soundscape sebenarnya sudah dikenal teman-teman yang menekuni seni musik, namun mungkin kebanyakan kita masih bertanya-tanya apa itu soundscape? Dari bentukan katanya “soundscape” mirip dengan “landscape”, entah sengaja atau tidak sebagian pengertiannya menyerupai. Bila landscape […]