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My new blog

My new blog

Jadi hosting blog ini dibayar dengan cukup murah sekitar Rp160.000 pertahun untuk kapasitas penyimpanan 100 MB (sudah termasuk domain ikhwanuddin.com). Murah dan sempit. Blog ini sudah tidak muat untuk sekedar update plugin yang sudah terinstal. MySQL juga sudah cukup besar dan tidak muat untuk nambah postingan. Setiap unggah foto pasti nitip gambar di hostingan gratisan […]


  • Hey! I have started new life far outside East Java. I build a career as a tenured lecturer in Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA), Lampung. From now on, I am practicing English writing so that it may help my preparation for PhD. This blog will strive and continue to document my feelings and thoughts.

a practice of feeling and thinking

Code is the art of breaking complex tasks into small clean steps. Each step performs an action, each command influence people. Often, we do code as we try to appreciate natural-human perception as user experience. I concern with how people will feel and think.

"Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think".
— Steve Jobs