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Bakat Orang Beda

Bakat Orang Beda: Makna Penciptaan

Dalam hidup ini orang punya rencana dan tujuan hidup yang beda-beda. Beruntung kalau ada yang sudah menjalani hidup yang sesuai rencana dan arah tujuannya. Kasihan kalau habis umur di usia dewasa masih terombang-ambing mencari arah. Bakat orang beda-beda, pahami itu dulu. Dulu, sebuah lembaga pemberi beasiswa pasca sarjana mewajibkan penerimanya untuk berpartisipasi di program pemberdayaan […]


  • Well my campus activity both on research and projects are on due dates! This blog, again, has been untouched for long time. Hopefully on the right time, I will share some of my thoughts about higher education here in ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung). Thank you for not reading this! Hahah!

a practice of feeling and thinking

Code is the art of breaking complex tasks into small clean steps. Each step performs an action, each command influence people. Often, we do code as we try to appreciate natural-human perception as user experience. I concern with how people will feel and think.

"Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think".
— Steve Jobs